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With almost 20 years of immigration law experience, the Law Offices of Lawrence Gruner, Inc., has helped hundreds of clients to obtain green cards with minimum USCIS delay. With our experience and expertise, your case will be handled quickly and efficiently so that you or a loved one can secure a green card.

As a Christian immigration lawyer, Lawrence Gruner provides compassionate and professional representation to individuals, businesses and corporations via a wide variety of legal immigration and nationality services. Our practice includes:

  • Fiance/fiancee visa cases
  • Citizenship cases
  • Family-based cases
  • Employment cases
  • Temporary, tourist and permanent visas
  • Marriage-related green card cases


Our expertise includes corporate client representation at all levels, from start-up businesses to publicly-traded companies. We understand the unique needs of corporate clients and bring years of legal experience to the table.

Our Specialized Skill Set as Immigration Attorneys

U.S. immigration law is always changing. To be effective, an immigration attorney must stay on top of new laws and regulations in addition to remaining knowledgeable about current government processing procedures. Because we are committed to maintaining this knowledge base, which includes the legal and procedural requirements of all U.S. government agencies, we can offer our clients efficient, strategic and innovative representation.

Why Choose Lawrence Gruner for Help with Immigration Services?

  • Attentive, one-on-one customer service. All of our clients are treated to a hands-on approach that includes immediate access to all our attorneys and support staff.
  • Ongoing communication with you via email, telephone, Internet and courier to guide you through the immigration legal process as quickly and smoothly as possible. We will always let you know exactly where we stand with your case.
  • A fee structure that’s specially designed to give you access to high-quality legal representation at an affordable price. Most of our cases involve a low flat fee which may be paid in convenient monthly installments. If you opt for a repayment plan, we do not charge interest. Up to half of our clients have already taken advantage this repayment plan.

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