Fiance cases can be tricky.  They must be handled correctly or a good case can be delayed or even denied.  I have interviewed clients who have come to my office

in frustration as they have been involved in the fiance visa process for years with no luck. (A fiance visa case should be processed in months not years).  Do not let this happen

to you.  Instead, read this free E-Book.  It will help you understand the fiance visa process much better.

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Free E- Book to read BEFORE you decide to file For a Fiance Visa or to hire a Fiance Visa Attorney.

Read This E- Book to Learn:

  • The Top 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW about the Fiance Visa Process
  • The exact Questions your Fiance Will be asked at her interview.
  •  The Complete Timeline in your case and how to prepare for your case.
  • How to avoid unnecessary delays in your case.
  • What to do if your case is delayed.
  • What to do if USCIS denies your case
  • How to handle an RFE so your case is not denied.
  • How to decide if you should pursue a fiance visa or if you should go and marry your fiance instead.
  • How to choose the best immigration attorney to handle your case.
  • What immigration attorneys charge and what they do to earn their fees.

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