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The Law Offices Of Lawrence Gruner, Inc. has been practicing Immigration Law for almost 20 years. We strive to provide our clients with energetic, effective, and aggressive representation in all areas of American Immigration Law.immigration law,green card,temporary visas Our representation includes: family and employment based petitions. Our clients include: fiancees, spouses and other family members; international business persons and internationally recognized artists and scientists.

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We offer very competitive flat fees for most of our cases.  Monthly payment plans are available.  Our immigration lawyers would be happy to review your case and help you come up with a plan to handle your case.  We’ll advise you on US Immigration Laws and Regulations for the following:

  • CITIZENSHIP: After you have a green card for a certain length of time, you can apply for U. S. citizenship.
  • Marriage Green Card: Get Your Spouse a green card through Marriage
  •  K-3 VISAS: Husbands or wives of U.S. citizens can enter the U.S. temporarily and then apply for a green card. Marriage visas can be obtained at the consulate in the country where you were married.
  • FIANCE/FIANCEE VISAS: You can obtain a fiance/fiancee visa if you plan to marry a U.S. citizen who you have met personally within the last two years.
  • GREEN CARD: With a green card, you can enter the U.S. with the intent to stay permanently or for a specified number of years.
  • TOURIST VISAS: Tourist visas allow you to visit the U.S. temporarily for medical treatment, business purposes or pleasure.
  • I-751: Remove the Conditions on your green card

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