The Washington Post recently ran an interesting article titled: “Donald Trump’s hard-right position on immigration has outlived its political usefulness.”  

In the article, the author explains how most voters trust Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump to handle the immigration issue in our country.  The article explains that Trump’s hard right position on immigration helped boost him to front runner status in the Republican primary but that this position is not helping him so far when it comes to who Americans will be choosing as their next President in the general election.

“In the most recent Washington Post/ABC News poll, published Sunday, we asked voters which candidate they trusted more to handle the issue of immigration. Overall, voters were more likely to say Hillary Clinton than Trump — including pluralities of nearly every group, except Republicans and white men without college degrees.”

Here is their breakdown of how Americans view who to trust on the issue of immigration:

“Nonwhite voters trust Clinton by a margin of 46 points — but white voters overall trust her slightly more, too. Independent voters give Clinton the edge by nine points.

Among registered voters, Clinton has a 15-point advantage. But among all adults, the spread is wider, 21 points — and that’s up substantially from May, when Clinton led on the subject by nine points.”

Immigration, according to the article, appears to be a bigger issue for Republican voters than it is to Democratic ones.  However, unsurprisingly, the economy, for both parties, remains as the top issue.

It is apparent from their respective speeches how the 2 candidates stand on immigration issues.  Hillary Clinton would attempt to expand on the pro immigration policies of President Obama.  Donald Trump appears to be the exact opposite of Hillary Clinton on immigration issues.  Their stances on immigration will shape our country for years to come.  The next President will be able to propose legislation and take executive action on this issue.  In addition, the next President will be nominating a Supreme Court judge who, will ostensibly, share the President’s views on immigration.  Our country’s position on immigration will be greatly shaped over the next 4 years.

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