Green Card Attorney

  • POSTED: August 16, 2013
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Green Card Attorney

If you are interested in obtaining a green card for yourself or a family member it is a good idea to speak to a green card attorney.  An experienced green card attorney can evaluate your case and guide you through the green card process so that you do not have to suffer any needless delays or other unwanted consequences.  We have 20 years experience handling green card cases.  We would be happy to talk to you, free of charge, about your options.  You may contact us at 888-801-6558 for a free review of your green card case.  Please see some of our blog posts below about different aspects of the green card process.

You should also look through some of our past blog articles about the green card process.


There are blog articles about different facets of the green card process.  These articles include articles about getting a green card through marriage and other topics:

How to Get a Green Card

“Sample questions for the green card interview

What to Expect at the Green Card Interview Based on Marriage

Can  I Make a Copy of My Green Card?”

Is Your Facebook account Hurting Your application for a Green Card?”

When to Take the Conditions off of Your Conditional Green Card?” among other articles.


Green Card For Parents

There are also articles about obtaining green cards for your parents.  These include: Applying for a Green Card For Your Parents and Green Card For Parents: Top 10 Things You Should Know .  These articles include little know facts about applying for a green card for your parents.


Green Card Through Work.


In certain situations we may be able to help you obtain a green card through work.  Please feel free to contact our office about your options.


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You may contact our office if you have any questions concerning green cards or if you  need help filling out immigration forms.

Lawrence Gruner is an experienced immigration attorney.  He has almost 20 years of experience handling immigration cases. He has office locations throughout northern California. His office handles immigration cases throughout California (including San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, San Diego and Sacramento) the United States and the World. You may reach us at 888-801-6558 . You may also email us your questions. Attorney Gruner would be happy to review your situation and all of your options.

Laws can and do change.  This blog article is just an overview of the process and is not intended as legal advice.  Please do not rely on the advice you receive from friends and family as there can be serious consequences.   Please make sure you contact an attorney prior to filing any immigration case.  It is extremely important that an experienced immigration attorney review your situation prior to any documents being filed. We would be happy to talk to you, free of charge, about all the issues in your immigration  case.


What Are Clients Are Saying About Our Firm:


I was very happy with your Law Firm. You provided such good service to me and my family. I have recommended your office to all of my friends. Thank you so much. -Individual Client, Oakland, California
Lawrence Gruner is a man of great integrity. He recently worked on a very difficult green card case for me. He was very successful. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Lawrence Gruner, Inc., Inc., Inc. to any client. -Individual Client, Bay Area, California.

My wife and I want to express our never ending thanks to you and your staff for all the attention you gave us so I could bring my wife from the Philippines in 2008. We have just a few more months to go before my wife can petition for her U.S. citizenship.  Individual Client.

I have asked of you a lot of immigration questions since 2007 and you have always given me the best available advice. I especially like corresponding via E-mail because there is no misunderstanding in exchanging information. I appreciate your quick responses, which relieved a lot of tension when preparing our petitions. Obtaining my wife’s social security number and work card went smoothly and eventually her Green Card application sailed through without delay.

“Even though we have moved out of California, it is always comforting to know that I can reach out to you if I need advice. Your extremely reasonable fees for your service was a huge benefit to us. It allowed us concentrate on our personal matters and not have to worry about whether we could afford legal council. I am sure that if we tried to do the petitions ourselves, we would have made common mistakes and our waiting period to be reunited would have been prolonged. Your help has always been invaluable to us. Even your presence during my wife’s interview made us feel at ease and lightened the atmosphere. I would highly recommend your services to anyone needing immigration help. The cost is affordable, the service is professional, and the advice is “right on”. I couldn’t ask for better help”. -Individual Clients Nevada


Free Reports to read BEFORE you decide to file an Immigration case or to hire an Immigration Attorney.</strong> <strong>These reports will save you time and money

Read These Reports to Learn:

How you can always represent yourself in an Immigration Case That not all Immigration Attorneys are the same The questions you should always ask your Immigration Attorney before you hire him How Immigration cases can be needlessly delayed or denied and what you can do to avoid that fate. How not to rely on advice given by friends, family, and surprisingly Immigration information officers How every document you file with USCIS can affect you and your family for years. Little known secrets of fiancé visa interviews and green card interviews from an attorney with 20 years of experience handling these types of cases.  Please feel free to call us to review your situation at 888-801-6558 or if you would like you can join our mailing list by obtaining a FREE report.

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