Green Card Through Marriage

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We can help you get a Green Card for your spouse as quickly as possible.

Get the affordable expert help you need to be with your spouse in the USA.

CALL NOW for your free, no-obligation discussion: (888)801-6558. Or click the “Free Consultation” button to send us your request. We will promptly reply back.

We’re here to make getting a Green Card far easier, successful, and without all the hassles others experience.

We handle green card applications for spouses who live outside the US and for those who already live here. We can also handle your Fiance Visa case if you choose to go that route.

We are licensed attorneys in California who for 25 years have successfully obtained US Green Cards for clients throughout the United States and all over the world.

After helping thousands of people bring their loved one home, we have seen it all.

We understand the risks and difficulty of filling out the Visa paperwork and submitting it yourself. It’s heartbreaking to do all that work, pay the hefty USCIS filing fees, then wait to hear the results, only to learn something wasn’t done right and your application has been DENIED.

It’s equally distressing when you pay your hard earned cash to a paralegal, notario, or somebody who claims to have a special relationship with the consulate. Many times those cases, unfortunately, are also DENIED.

Your safest option by far is to work with an experienced immigration attorney who is an expert at filing applications that get positive results. We have a long and very positive track record.

While many other law offices require payment for legal fees in full up front, we keep our price affordable with an easy monthly payment plan available with no hidden fees.

It simply makes sense to hire us to get the job done right-the first time. Few things can match the joy of when your loved one’s Green Card is granted.

Six Reasons to Call Us

  • We have a 5 Star Rating with Google, Avvo, and Thumbtack. Why? Because we have 25 years of experience. We treat our clients right and get positive results.
  • We are licensed by the State Bar of California, are fully insured, and have been members of AILA (The American Immigration Lawyers Association.)
  • Our affordable monthly payment program makes legal assistance much more affordable.
  • We limit the number of cases we handle so you get personalized, responsive representation. Your case is important to us, unlike some large organizations where you are just a number.
  • You have peace of mind knowing only Attorneys have access to your financial and other private information. You will be providing USICS with very personal financial information in your case. Don’t trust this information to just anyone.
  • We offer a FREE, no-obligation Initial Consultation so you can find out for yourself if our service fits your needs.

CALL US AT 888-801-6558

We can help in many ways, like evaluating your case for weak spots, giving advice on your case, showing you where problems might be, and thoroughly preparing your spouse for his or her interview.

Or we can take care of everything for you from beginning to end. The first time we talk about your case is free. You can email us at to set up a free chat for 10-15 minutes to discuss your situation.

Obtaining a Green Card if Your Spouse is in the U.S.

If your spouse is in the United States now, they might be able to get a green card through you. You should speak with us to see if there’s anything in your partner’s history that might make it hard for them to stay in the U.S. Your spouse may not be eligible to obtain a green card due to past criminal matters, illegal entries into the U.S. (though these things may be able to be fixed) etc. It is important to speak to an immigration attorney to make sure your case can be approved by USCIS.

If there are any issues in your situation, we may be able to fix them before you start the process.

If you do move forward with a green card case we can help you minimally e.g. just via a consultation, or just with the filing of your paperwork or we can handle
your case from start to finish-including the interview USCIS will likely schedule at the end of your case.

Your spouse should NOT submit any forms or leave the United States until you’ve talked to a lawyer who understands immigration well. Sometimes, people make mistakes that hurt their chances of approval by not getting advice from a lawyer upfront.

Understanding the Green Card Process if your Spouse is Outside the U.S.

We start the application process by filing your paperwork with USCIS. A few weeks later, You usually receive a form I-797C Notice of Action that lets you track your case online.

If there are problems with your paperwork, you may receive a Request for Evidence from the USCIS wanting more information. This usually delays your case for several months even after you have sent in the additional evidence.

USCIS then either approves or denies the petition. If it’s approved, congratulations, but you’re not finished. This only means the case will proceed to the next step.

Next the National Visa Center does a thorough background check of your spouse and will have you provide the necessary paperwork. Once that clears, your spouse will be sent to the closest embassy or consulate where they must bring even more paperwork, then undergo an interview.

People get nervous about the interview and for good reason. It can be intensely thorough with carefully worded questions to find out if you’re really married.

Immigration officers are highly trained and very experienced having worked with hundreds to thousands of applicants. If the interview doesn’t go well (like he can’t remember what kind of toothpaste you prefer), the application can be denied.

If you work with our office we will make sure your spouse is thoroughly prepared to do well at the interview. Your spouse will be in the best position possible to succeed.

If the interview is successful , the case will be approved. Your spouse will be able to come to the United States to live with you with their green card. The green card will also allow your spouse to work in the United States.

Three years after receiving the green card your spouse will be eligible to become a U.S. Citizen. We can also help you with that process.


The information above is for educational purposes only. It is not meant as a substitute for legal advice. Although we are attorneys we are not your attorney. Laws can and do change. Please never file any documents with USCIS until you speak to an experienced immigration attorney. We would be happy to consult with you, free of charge, about your immigration situation. You may reach us at 888-801-6558 or at




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    • S. Lucas

      Our experience was amazing. The process was smooth. Larry and Jason helped us every step of the way to get my husband’s temporary visa. When I started getting anxiety about how long it takes, what’s the next step or what if’s, I would call either of them and they had no problems giving me answers. Jason went with us to our meeting with immigration, and made us laugh the whole time. He really helped keep me calm as I suffer from anxiety very badly. A year later, I can still call Larry and ask questions about the next step. I’m very thankful I found these guys!!! Highly recommend them!

    • L. Alvarado Jr.

      I met the love of my life in China. When I was looking for an Immigration attorney to help me get the K1 Visa for my fiance, I was so glad that I found the Law Office Of Lawrence Gruner. Attorney’s Lawrence Gruner and Jason Marachi gave us excellent representation throughout the whole process and got us through the process very quickly and smoothly. It only took six month’s for my fiance to get her K1 Visa and move to the U.S. with me so we could get married and start our lives together. And in another six month’s later, my wife now has her Green Card. I highly recommend this Law Office for your Immigration Law needs.
      Thank you Mr. Gruner and Mr. Marachi!!

    • M. Obregon

      Lawrence and his legal team are stellar. They provided an affordable solution to our immigration related legal issues. My wife and I turned to Lawrence and his team from friends that also had a successful experience. Simply, we all agree that it was the right choice. Everything was completed as offered and his legal advice as a lawyer and a friend is always there. Thank You!





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