Sample Questions For Green Card Interview

Sample Questions For Green Card Interview

When your application is based upon your marriage to a U.S. Citizen the interview is of crucial importance.  Issues at your interview can lead to a second far more probing and intensive interview and unannounced home visits from the US Department of Homeland Security.  Problems at the second interview can lead to being placed in removal proceedings.

I am often asked about the green card interview based on marriage to a U.S. Citizen.  Specifically individuals want sample questions for green card interview.

Ideally, you will have met with an experienced immigration attorney prior to filing your green card through marriage.  Your attorney would have helped you spot any issues which could cause your case to be denied.  He will have helped you overcome these problems.  This article will assume that you met with an attorney, addressed your issues, and filed your adjustment of status paperwork with USCIS. (If this was not done prior to filing your case then you should absolutely consult with an experienced immigration attorney prior to your interview). Below I will explain what to expect at your interview and also cover  sample questions for green card interview.

At your interview you will wait in a large waiting room.  The length of your wait will depend on the number of interviews being handled that day.  I normally expect to wait between 10 and 60 minutes before my client’s case is called by the immigration officer.  Once called, you and your spouse will enter the interviewer’s office.  This is usually just a small office which is probably only about 100 square feet.  The immigration officer will have a desk, a computer, a printer, and many books about immigration.  You will both be asked for your identification and asked to remain standing.  An oath will be administered to you by the immigration officer.

The immigration officer will go over the answers to your paperwork to see if everything is accurate and any changes need to be made.  If any changes need to be made the immigration officer will have you initial the changes on your paperwork.  (Make sure that these changes are accurate).

She will go over your immigration history in the US, your criminal history and your marriage.

Questions about your Marriage.

a)      How did you meet?

b)      When did you meet?

c)      When did you start dating?

d)      When did you get married?

e)      When did you decide to get married ?

f)       Who was at the wedding ?

g)      What documents do you have? Do you have pictures of your wedding? Pictures of honeymoon? (They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this is absolutely correct in this context.  I have seen interviews change from going poorly to going very well based on clients who have brought an impressive photo album of their wedding and honeymoon.  Even a very basic photo album that shows your life together will help you at your interview).  You should also bring copies of joint bank accounts, joint memberships (at gyms etc.) and  joint rental agreements or deeds.  You should make sure to bring copies of all documents requested on your interview notice and all documents which show joint ownership (these are documents that show the two of you are intermingling property and living like a married couple)

h)      Have you obtained health insurance for your spouse?   This shows an extra level of commitment and it is good evidence of the bona fides of your marriage relationship.  (It is important that this is done as the United States citizen and any co-sponsor will be liable to the US government if the immigrant receives any government benefits)

h) Where did you go on your first date?

The interviewer may ask general questions:

a)      Where does your spouse work ? The U.S. Citizen should bring a current pay stub and a copy of the most recent tax return filed.  This should be done even though these documents were probably submitted when you filed your case.

b)      What is your spouse’s middle name ?

c)      What is your spouse’s birthday ?

These are the general questions you should be prepared to answer.  If the interviewer believes that the marriage is not real then the interviewer can interview the two of you separately.  The questions that will be asked in this type of interview know no bounds and are beyond the scope of this blog article.  If you are separated during your interview then you should be aware that your interviewer likely does not believe that your marriage is legitimate.

The interviewer may also ask about your intent when you entered the country.  This is a very important area and you must be prepared to answer these questions correctly or your case can be denied.  There are other traps for the unwary.  You should contact my office  888-801-6558 or the office of an experienced immigration attorney to make sure you are prepared for these questions.

If all goes well with your interview you should have your case approved the same day as the interview.  The green card should arrive in about 30 days.

This blog post was titled: “Sample Questions For  Green Card Interview“.   This blog post is intended solely for general advice about this topic.  Please make sure to consult with an experienced green card attorney prior to your interview.  You should also read our “Documents to Bring to your green card based on marriage interview” blog post.

Lawrence Gruner is an immigration attorney, a green card attorney, and a fiancee visa attorney with almost 20 years of experience handling immigration cases.  He may be reached at 888-801-6558. He has office locations throughout California.  He has clients in California and throughout the United States and the World.  He would be happy to answer your questions about this article titled: “Sample Questions for Green Card Interview“.

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