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    Wouldn’t it be great to work with Immigration Attorneys who understand your situation, and are dedicated to getting you a Fiancé Visa, your Green Card or your Citizenship as quickly as possible?

    What if their fees were low and the quality of representation was high? What if they allowed you to make low monthly payments on your case?

    With over 20 years of immigration law experience, the immigration attorneys at the Law Offices of Lawrence Gruner, Inc., have helped hundreds of clients to obtain green cards, fiance visas and U.S. Citizenship.

    For a Free Consultation About Your Case Call Us at (888) 801-6558.

    How Hard is it to Obtain a Fiance Visa, Obtain U.S. Citizenship or Get a Green Card for your Spouse?

    Trying to convince the immigration authorities that you deserve a Fiancé visa, a Green Card for your Spouse, or your U.S. Citizenship can be a frustrating process.
    There are many bureaucratic hoops and hurdles to jump through.

    • Countless forms to fill out.
    • An immense amount of paperwork to read and complete.
    • A dizzying stack of backup documentation to prepare. One mistake, and your petition can be endlessly delayed or even denied.That’s why it makes sense to partner with us.

    Our immigration lawyers in Sacramento eliminate the often intimidating and complex maze of bureaucracy so you can check this off your list, and get on with your life.

    Avoid Common Application Mistakes for Visas, Citizenship or Green Cards

    Thousands of Citizenship applications, fiancé visas and green cards based on marriage to a U.S. Citizen get denied every year due to simple mistakes or omissions, or for other trivial reasons. You don’t want that to happen to you!

    The U.S. Immigration Law is a specialized area, and it’s confusing, especially if you have no real hands-on experience – as we do.

    Let the Immigration Lawyers at The Law Offices of Lawrence Gruner, Inc. be Your Partner through this Complex Process.

    We are happy to talk to you, on the phone, free of charge at 888-801-6558 about your specific situation.  You may also email us at Your call will be confidential and the advice is free.

    How Much are Our Legal Fees for Immigration Cases?

    Many Law Firms charge $5,000 or more to handle certain immigration cases. Our fees are less expensive. We do all the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about making a mistake, which will delay your case. We offer a low flat fee with a low monthly payment plan for clients who don’t have the upfront cash.

    Of course, we’re not able to help everyone, and that’s why we encourage you to pick up the phone to find out if we can help you.

    This first step is free and you are under no obligation to hire us

    Simply call us now for a Free and Confidential phone consultation regarding your immigration case.

    CALL (888) 801-6558

    Experienced  Immigration Lawyers

    Over the past two decades we have seen it all. We have also learned how to deal with difficult bureaucrats and avoid unnecessary delays so that you can have your case approved.

    Every day we prepare fiancé visas, citizenship applications and green card petitions for good people across the United States. We have assisted clients from Canada the Philippines, Mexico, China, Australia, Iran, India, Pakistan and countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

    The Attorneys who will work on your case each have more than 20 years’ experience handling Naturalization, Green Card and Fiancé Visa cases. If you want fast results – with no headaches-it makes sense to partner with us!

    We deal with individual cases only. We are not in the business of churning out a high-volume business. We understand that even though the process may be similar, every case is different, and it needs to be approached with diligence and meticulous care.

    Why Contact Us to Handle Your Immigration, Green Card or Visa Case?

    • Fully Qualified Immigration Attorneys. Only qualified and experienced attorneys with a minimum of 20 years of hands-on knowledge will work have access to your personal information and work on your case. We don’t delegate this process to anyone.
    • No Mistakes. We guarantee that your case will be processed with absolutely no unnecessary mistakes or delays. One mistake can delay your case for months. We won’t let this happen to you!
    • We charge Low FLAT FEES. There are no hidden fees, unpleasant surprises or extra charges of any kind. You will not receive a big bill at the end of the case.
    • Low Payment Plans. We offer low monthly payment plans for almost all of our clients. Most clients pay $200 or $300 per month.
    • Personal Service. We don’t wear $3,000 suits – our goal is to impress you with results, not clothing. Also, we won’t hide behind annoying gatekeepers. We are happy to talk to our clients. We have even made after midnight international calls to U.S. embassies on their behalf.
    • We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau,and are a Law Firm in Good Standing with the State Bar of California.
    • We have great  five star reviews from previous clients.
    • USCIS Increasing Filing Fees in Marriage Green Card Cases and Fiance Visa Cases.

      The upcoming USCIS fee increases are scheduled to take effect on April 1, 2024.  USCIS is increasing the fees to cover its increasing operational costs and to get rid of the backlog of cases that have accrued over time.   Hopefully cases will finish quicker overall.   In general newly filed family based immigration cases including […]

    • Best Evidence for Your Marriage Green Card Interview

      Marriage green card interviews, at least in northern California, but likely in most other places, are being held much sooner now that we are post pandemic.  During the pandemic these interviews were taking a long time to occur.  It was not uncommon for an interview to take a couple of years after the initial adjustment […]

    • What to Wear to Your Marriage Green Card Interview

      What Should you wear to your Marriage Green Card Interview? We prepare our clients for their marriage green card interviews down to what they should wear.  When I first started doing marriage green card interviews I would simply meet the clients at the federal court house.  I would expect them to dress appropriately for one […]

    • Fiance Visa Wait Time in 2024

      This article will go over what the fiance visa wait time is in 2024. The fiance visa process is made up of 3 parts: the USCIS portion; the National Visa Center portion and the embassy/consulate portion. During the pandemic K-1 fiance visa cases were taking 18 months or longer to go through the entire process. […]

    • USCIS Is Likely Looking at Your Social Media Accounts in Detail.

      Your Online Posts and your social media accounts can impact how USCIS views your Immigration case. In today’s interconnected world, social media has become an integral part of our lives. We share our thoughts, experiences, and personal moments online, often without realizing the potential consequences. As immigration attorneys, we want to emphasize the importance of […]

    • S. Lucas

      Our experience was amazing. The process was smooth. Larry and Jason helped us every step of the way to get my husband’s temporary visa. When I started getting anxiety about how long it takes, what’s the next step or what if’s, I would call either of them and they had no problems giving me answers. Jason went with us to our meeting with immigration, and made us laugh the whole time. He really helped keep me calm as I suffer from anxiety very badly. A year later, I can still call Larry and ask questions about the next step. I’m very thankful I found these guys!!! Highly recommend them!

    • L. Alvarado Jr.

      I met the love of my life in China. When I was looking for an Immigration attorney to help me get the K1 Visa for my fiance, I was so glad that I found the Law Office Of Lawrence Gruner. Attorney’s Lawrence Gruner and Jason Marachi gave us excellent representation throughout the whole process and got us through the process very quickly and smoothly. It only took six month’s for my fiance to get her K1 Visa and move to the U.S. with me so we could get married and start our lives together. And in another six month’s later, my wife now has her Green Card. I highly recommend this Law Office for your Immigration Law needs.
      Thank you Mr. Gruner and Mr. Marachi!!

    • M. Obregon

      Lawrence and his legal team are stellar. They provided an affordable solution to our immigration related legal issues. My wife and I turned to Lawrence and his team from friends that also had a successful experience. Simply, we all agree that it was the right choice. Everything was completed as offered and his legal advice as a lawyer and a friend is always there. Thank You!





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